Nery Castillo Goes Off on Twitter

Maybe this was reported somewhere and I am late to the party, but I am amazed that not much has been made of this. I will tell you what; it makes me seriously doubt the capacity of great journalism in soccer within the USA. In any other country this would have been huge news and would still be commented about and in front of Sports Center. But enough of that and straight to the subject.

The following are a group of tweets that Nery Castillo made on Twitter to Mexican sports writer Hector Huertad. Apparently Hector Huertad criticized Nery Castillo’s play, and to be honest he is completely right to do so. I even thought that Nery Castillo would come into MLS and start developing positive headlines, but in fact he hasn’t developed A headline. It seems like Nery Castillo will go down as one of the DP busts and I would not be surprised if he is let go at seasons end by the Chicago Fire. This is of course speculative. The below are the tweets made by Castillo, further below is the translation (remember that on twitter the top tweet is the latest, read from bottom to top) :

NeryCastillo NeryAlbertoCastilloC
@hectorhuertad Y sabes què? eres un periodista MEDIOCRE…algunosde la prensa me hacen reir.
23 Sep

NeryCastillo NeryAlbertoCastilloC
@hectorhuertad Y sobre las criticas a mi juego, no me preocupo, apenas estoy tomando ritmo, ustedes seràn los primeros en alabarme despues
23 Sep

NeryCastillo NeryAlbertoCastilloC
@hectorhuertad Y si alguien tendrìa ser sancionado es Nestor por permitir lo que dicen que paso.
23 Sep

NeryCastillo NeryAlbertoCastilloC
@hectorhuertad Eso que dicen que me salìa de las concentraciones durante la copa amèrica es FALSO, nosotros siempre estamos concentrados.
23 Sep Favorite Retweet Reply

NeryCastillo NeryAlbertoCastilloC
@hectorhuertad Tù bien sabes que la FMF vende humo, no sè què tienen contra mi, y no sè por què me ciriticaron en su programita de 4ta
23 Sep

my comments are in Italics

@hectorhuertad you are very well aware that the FMF sells smoke, I do not know what you guys have against me and I don’t know why you criticized me in your “stupid little” program

@hectorHuertad the rumors about me leaving the training camp during the Copa America is FALSE, we are always present

@hectorhuertad and if there is someone that needs to be sanctioned it should be Nestor, for permitting to what is said happened. (Nery refers to Nestor de la Torre, Director of the Mexican FA, talking about the party scandal where Mexican Nat players brought in Prostitutes)

@hectorhuertad and regarding the criticisms of my game, I don’t care, I am still gathering my rhythm, you will be thr first to praise me afterwards (If you don’t care why are you commenting?)

Nery Castillo
@hectorhuertad and just so that you know, you are a MEDIOCRE journalist… Some people from the media make me laugh

**It should be noted that this is a very close translation of the actual tweets and some words have been changed to make the sentence understandable in English**

What do you think? Typical Castillo reaction?Has Nery Castillo lived up to an ounce of the hype he once carried? Nery Castillo’s Twitter


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