Better Future Posssibly Awaits F. Montero in Seattle

Freddy Montero has undoubtedly proven his worth to Seattle fans. Since his very first game in MLS vs the New York Red Bulls last year, Freddy has stormed in becoming one of the finest strikers that this league has seen. The best part about all of this is that Freddy is only 23 years old with a great future ahead of him. His skill and craft on the pitch has never come in question. What has come in question is; how long will it be until Montero leaves the league to greener pastures in Europe? That question might have possibly been answered over the All Star break when I got news that he might just stay put in Seattle for a while.

Consider this, Seattle reportedly has laid an offer on the table to Freddy for him to become a DP on the team. This would mean that Freddie Ljunberg would leave the team either now, at the midseason point, or at the end of the season. This is more likely to occur in the postseason, when Ljunberg is out of the picture and Montero is still very much in it. It is no surprise that Seattle would offer Montero to stay as a DP for the 2011 season and beyond. It is clear and obvious that there is interest in Montero from Europe. This would be a great move by the Seattle club and a great precedent for MLS. Speaks volumes of what young emerging talent can expect if proven to be invaluable to an MLS team.

Would like to make clear that this is by no means definite, but readers of this blog will tell you that nothing without even an ounce of weight ever gets posted to 343.


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