Henry and Marquez Close to Being Teammates Again

We all already know about Henry to the New York Red Bulls. Some fans and even media speculate whether the Rafa Marquez rumors are real or not. Well, fact is that there is a very real possibility of Rafa Marquez becoming a New York Red Bull as early as this upcoming week. I am hearing that some points have already been agreed upon in principle but that nothing has been signed. It is not yet known what the contract for Marquez will look like, but it is safe to speculate that he will be among the top three paid players in the league (that is just my opinion).

Regarding Henry’s contract, I have been told that he has committed to a 4 1/2 years contract which would keep him at New York through the 2014 season. There are some preliminary numbers that have come to my ears but nothing that would be worth posting. What does seem clear is that TH14 would be the league’s highest paid player, even above David Beckham’s $5.5 million a year.

Thoughts? What do you think of the possibility of Marquez coming to town? How about a 4 1/2 yr contract for Henry? is that too much? or are you just salivating about the JPA, Henry, Marquez trio? Let us all know…

6 Responses to “Henry and Marquez Close to Being Teammates Again”

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  2. Lee Says:


  3. Wicked1 Says:

    Both of them can’t be going to NY, each MLS team can only have 2 DPs, except for LA, hahaha. Juan Pablo is their 1st DP, Thierry is gonna be their 2nd, they can’t get Marques too. Or did that rule change with the new CBA?

    • threefourthreefc Says:

      Wicked- the Red Bulls have the capability to have upto 3 DPs. The one vacated by Claudio Reyna Is the slot being taken by TH14. Through the new CBA teams can add upto a 3rd DP after having “bought” the right through MLS. That money goes into a pool where it is dispersed evenly among teams without a DP signing.

  4. Ed Kay Says:

    Not true, Wicked. A third DP can be added if the club agrees to pay a premium to the league which is divided up and shared with the other teams.

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    […] playboy has recently been linked with a move to the Red Bulls by both the Daily Harrison, and Three Four Three, which has been known to break exclusive stories from time to time. Add to these sources a story […]

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