Luke Rodgers on the Verge of Becoming a Red Bull

Credible sources across the pond have confirmed that there is a rumor circulating around Notts County that Luke Rodgers might head this way in the very near future.

Odds are that you have not heard the name before this blog posting, if you have than you are either a Notts County fan or just a serious soccer junkie.

Rodgers is a young powerful and speedy forward that currently is employed by Notts County, an English League 2 side. He has played in the past for Crewe, Port Vale, Shrewsbury and Yeovil Town. It is important to note that Rodgers has never played in the Premier League or the Coca Cola League, which in short means that he is very accustomed to incredible physical play. Rodgers would certainly bring a different dimension to the NYRB front line, since he is known as a very speedy forward. Current NYRB head coach, Hans Backe, coached Rodgers during his brief spell at Notts County. Sources claim that Backe has very high regard for this forward and has been very keen in signing him. His stats don’t jump out as extraordinary, 282 games and 91 goals, but they certainly are not pushover numbers (current season 33 games and 9 goals, 23 starts). This move would certainly help JPA in the speed factor. Where Rodgers can help by making those diagonal runs and leaving some holes that Angel can exploit.

There is no timetable as to when Rodgers might be added to the team but there is a strong possibility that the deal might get done soon.

(UPDATE – Magpies boss Steve Cotterill admits to NYRB interest: “Cotterill said: “There is interest from New York Red Bulls. Something is ongoing there.

“It’s something I have to think about very strongly, but their window doesn’t shut yet, it shuts on April 15.

“I have to weigh-up the interests of the boy himself and the club.

“I have to look at the big picture.”

Have you heard of this player before? What do you think of this possible addition? Leave your comments below..


4 Responses to “Luke Rodgers on the Verge of Becoming a Red Bull”

  1. Mr. Baker Says:

    Never heard of him but my knowledge of English League Two football is, er, inexistent.

    But who goes in his place? I wonder if this is somehow related to the retracted Ibrahim Salou non-announcement?

  2. Lee Says:

    Luke Rodgers can play right or left wing so maybe we will see him on the left wing also

  3. Ex-Flatbush Says:

    Rodgers is the Platonic ideal of a League Two footballer. Unfortunately, the Platonic ideal of a League Two footballer is someone who isn’t particularly good at football. He’s very fast, very aggressive and suprisingly poor in front of goal.

    From my experience watching Notts this season, stick Rodgers on for the last 20 minutes and he’ll look like a champ, scaring the hell out of tired defenders by bearing down on them in all his stocky, speedy, shaven headed glory. Play him from the start, however, and he quickly gets found out, spending most of his time sprinting around aimlessly and getting caught offside.

    Not sure how this, um, skill set would translate to MLS. From my limited experience, the quality of player there ranges from much better than League Two to a bit worse. Junior Agogo did alright a few years ago, right? So I suppose a League Two bruiser could be a good pick up for Red Bulls. (Rodgers divides opinions at Notts, but I’d say you’re welcome to him!)

    I suspect it’s all academic though, as the fella has a few assault convictions to his name, so I doubt he’d get a work permit.

    Anyway, hope this helps. Hope you’re enjoying the new stadium.


  4. steve Says:

    Assault convictions? Excellent. Maybe we can keep him on the bench — except for the Philly matches.

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