New CBA Deal Reached

I think we can all agree that this is music to our ears. The players going on strike just would not have favored anybody, and in the end would have probably affected the players the most of all parties involved. But thanks to some hard work or whatever you may call it there will be no strike and the league will start as planned. Here are some of the more interesting points in this CBA, which by the way is more in favor of the league than of the MLS Players Union:

· SIngle Entity is intact and all players will continue to be signed by the league
· No Free Agency
· Guaranteed contracts are existent but only for players that are 24 yrs. old and have at least 4 yrs of MLS experience

There is no word yet on the salary cap, but supposedly it has not increased a great amount. What are you thoughts? Any other points that you want to know?

For now lets just enjoy RBA.


One Response to “New CBA Deal Reached”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    thanks for the update! Lets get tickets!

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