MLS Will Not Succumb to Union Pressure

By now everyone knows that the CBA talks between the Union and MLS have not been the most promising as of late. The sticking points in the CBA are free agency which includes restricted free agency, minimum player salaries, the existence of the developmental players, guaranteed contracts, etc.

In the midst of all that is going on sources have confirmed that MLS is sitting tight and will not fall under pressure of the Union. What does this mean? Well, they are banking on the possibility that the Union will fear to strike and settle under MLS’ terms right before the start of the MLS season. Obviously this becomes a huge gamble on MLS’ part but a gamble that is more likely to happen than MLS agreeing to the Union’s terms.

They are far apart on mostly free agency and guaranteed contracts. MLS fears that this would become a major stepping stone to abolishing the single entity structure that the league has adopted. The Union is also is asking that all players have guaranteed contracts starting from the very first year, except of those that were amateurs and are in their first year of contract, and even then they ask that they be semi-guaranteed. MLS response to them on guaranteed contracts is that players need to have a certain age minimum followed by a minimum number of years in MLS experience.

All in all it feels like these two subjects are part of a much bigger situation, although the immediate future looks gloomy, I still can’t imagine that both parties will continue playing hard ball once the MLS season nears.

One Response to “MLS Will Not Succumb to Union Pressure”

  1. Gary P Says:

    Here’s the fairest option:

    The Union needs to give up guaranteed contracts for this CBA.

    MLS has to compromise on limited free agency. It’s not fair to hold players you’re not going to field hostage.

    There. Done and done. Game on.

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