Luis Gil Allocation not so much of a “Lottery”

Much has been said about Luis Gil joining MLS and the “fact” that he would have to go through an allocation process, that is like a lottery in which depending on the results from the previous season, whichever team did the worst would have the best possibilities in acquiring the player in question. Under those guidelines the New York Red Bulls would be the favorite to win his service;, followed by San Jose, Kansas City and so on.

In order for MLS to sign Gil, MLS had to agree to his terms which are entering the league through either the Seattle Sounders or Real Salt Lake. What does this mean for the other MLS teams? We do not know just yet. Anyways, I do not think that it is fair to blame the league here for anything, all in all they have landed a promising youngster to the league who was being scouted by top European teams, to a Generation Adidas contract. I also would not blame the New York Red Bulls for feeling cheated, but I guess that is what happens when there are so many rules that just don’t make sense in any other football league in the world. Lets hope these CBA meetings turn to something positive.

(UPDATE- A lottery will go on, if either RSL or Seattle win the lottery they take the player, if any other MLS team wins the lottery they will choose the strongest bid that is laid on the table by RSL or Seattle. Anyways, the player will land on RSL or Seattle, it is the agreement that Gil made with the league).

18 Responses to “Luis Gil Allocation not so much of a “Lottery””

  1. Jason Says:

    Huh? This post makes no sense. If there’s a lottery, every team has a shot at him (unless they choose not to enter). Even if Gil only wanted to go to either Seattle or RSL (both choices are doubtful), that would give the team that wins the lottery that much more bargaining power.

  2. jcr Says:

    I absolutely agree that this does not make sense. At worst, there has been some agreement set up on a pre-arranged trade sort of what happened between Chicago and Toronto with McBride. Toronto got some decent value in return. Maybe the Red Bulls should they win, get allocation money that they can use to sign Agudelo if needed or some other player or a player to be traded.

  3. Matt Says:

    Jason, isn’t it possible that MLS went to the other clubs involved and said, “Look, this kid will only sign if we allow him to go to RSL or Seattle. Play ball or else…” ???

  4. Matt Says:

    Or MLS might have told the other clubs that if they win the lottery they are obligated to sell him to one of the two clubs mentioned.

  5. Luis Gil Lottery to be Held Monday « Keepin' it Real Says:

    […] This blog (previously unknown to me) makes some off-the-wall reference to RSL or Seattle.  Could there be a backroom deal in the works?  Sure, but since the lottery is precisely that and based on probability, any deal would either have to be done with a team before the lottery to improve another team’s probability of landing Gil, or done after the lottery with the team that was lucky enough to be drawn out to receive the player.  Both are longshots. […]

  6. Ajas Says:

    Or, it’s MLS told everybody “We own all of you. Here’s the new rule.”

    This would be the seventh or eighteenth time now…. so quit crying.

  7. Major League Soccer:: 2010 Season - Page 75 - Electronic Arts UK Community Says:

    […] has any truth to it, then it's an absolute joke. It's basically free agency…. but not really. Luis Gil Allocation not so much of a “Lottery” Three.Four.Three.FC Blog […]

  8. earl Says:

    just out of curiosity, do you have any evidence whatsoever to back up your claim? its really easy to just type something up and publish it…any truth to this?

  9. Update on Luis Gil Situation « Keepin' it Real Says:

    […] props to Three.Four.Three.FC for their early insight into […]

  10. Matt Says:

    Props to ThreeFourThree for scooping everyone on this story. Confirmed now on KC Wizards site that RSL and Seattle are the two clubs in question, though the Wizards are trying to “sell” the player on their team.

  11. bayarearefugee Says:

    Have to admit that I was pretty skeptical of this story. Still wish you had at least given some sort of source like “a friend of the family” or something. But you got it right, no quibbling there. Good work.

  12. earl Says:

    i will be returning to this blog. great work.

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