Michael Hoyos: A “Gringo” Diamond in the Rough in Argentina

On January 17 in America we were all tuned in to watch Carling Cup, Copa del Rey, and in summary European footbol. Some of us might have watched some South American pre season futbol. One of the biggest matches in said continent happened to be Boca Juniors vs Estudiantes de la Plata on that day. Estudiantes has been arguably the best futbol club in Argentina for the last two years, even going to the final of the Club World Cup where they were defeated by a narrow margin to world super power FC Barcelona.

What we weren’t aware of was that an American was actually making his professional debut for Estudiantes vs Boca Juniors, Michael Hoyos. An 18 year old Californian from Manhattan beach migrated to Argentina because of family problems. There he decided to tryout for Estudiantes. After a few practices with the youth squad he was offered a place in their youth academy last year and became captain of the squad. His stellar performances caught the attention of coach Sabella, who would then monitor his progress for the entire year.

Before preseason began Sabella communicated to Mike, as he is known amongst the players, that he would take part in preseason this year. “When Sabella told me that I was being called in to preseason camp I couldn’t believe it. I wasn’t expecting it. Estudiantes is one of the biggest football institutions in Argentina, and they are currently going through one of the most brilliant periods in their history.”

Within 16 minutes of the first half Enzo Perez had to leave the field with an injury. This facilitated Hoyos’ entry into the game. With velocity and a strong presence, Michael was leaving a great impression among the Pincha faithful. He left the best for the second half, after he had ran with the ball 1/4 of the field from the half way line, he struck a powerful shot that would end up being the game winning goal.

He says that as soon as the game finished the first thing he did was to call his mother, and the both started crying tears of joy.

Argentina media the following day would comment on the diamond in the rough that Estudiantes had, hopefully he stays on track and starts gaining attention from the USSF.

Check out the video of the goal. Minute 2:00

3 Responses to “Michael Hoyos: A “Gringo” Diamond in the Rough in Argentina”

  1. Juan Says:

    Great stuff…

  2. Luis Says:

    He has the double citizenship and was called for the youth national team of Argentina. So he won’t play for the USA.

  3. Matthew Zavala Says:

    Hey can still play for the USA. He has not played in a senior fifa competition with Argentina and therefore can still change teams until he turns 21.

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