Meet the New Red Bull Boss

A former player agent, player, club owner, psychologist, etc. This guy has done it all before. In a matter of weeks we will find out if this person is actually capable of doing the job, but one thing is for sure that should come to the relief of many Red Bull fans, this is a soccer guy. He is a person that comes from the sport, is of the sport, and breathes the sport. There is not one person today in Red Bulls upper management that is actually of the sport and understands it for what it is. Soccer’s culture and intecracies are aspects that the current management just don’t get, it is an alien concept, feeling, and way of life.

In his short time as Red Bulls Global Sporting Director of Football Dietmar Biersdorfer, in my opinion has done an excellent job. First, is because his search for a NY based Sporting Director went into Europe and far from the material that MLS recycles. This assured that the person that would end up in charge will most likely not take the crap of what this franchise dishes day-in and day-out. Second, Mr. Biersdorfer has taken a more hands on approach of the situation by really understanding that not only did the infrastructure that was set in place by Red Bull not work, but that it is in need of new personnel. That is why Mr. Soler will have authority on all decisions regarding the soccer side, unlike last year wear Stover also had an opinion. This eliminates that non soccer mentality and will surely help the club in the short term and also long term. Third, Biersdorfer has hired someone that he knows and is most likely a friend. This is a step in the right direction. Why? Well it most certainly decreases the risk of having another Osorio-Agoos crisis. Neither of them liked or even more importantly trusted each other. By having a relationship in place there is a natural trust with which they are beginning, next choice will be the coach. I will express what my feelings are then, but until then, know that this franchise looks to be counting on a better future.

With the Opening of Red Bull Arena and real soccer personnel, it can only get bright from here on out.

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