Police Women to Dress as Prostitutes Ahead of World Cup


Female police officers are to pose as prostitutes in South Africa in a bid to snare kerb crawlers ahead of next year’s World Cup, security chiefs said.
A squad of undercover cops will dress provocatively and walk the streets ahead of next year’s World Cup Photo: GETTY
A squad of undercover cops will dress provocatively and walk the streets during a crackdown designed to catch sex workers’ clients in the act.
The planned stings are part of an operation to seize control of the HIV-ridden industry before around 450,000 foreign fans descend on the Fifa host nation next summer.
Rudolf Wiltshire, a Cape Town city official who has fined 112 prostitutes for soliciting during the past last month, said 10 officers handpicked for the task would begin their new job next week.
He said: “These women were specifically selected for this function. They have all the attributes that are conducive to this kind of job.
“It requires high ethical norms and values, and a good understanding of the social issues of sex workers.
“Our team are receiving dedicated training aimed at enhancing sensitivity in the environments of health and substance abuse.
“They will also be equipped with information about safe housing, remedial intervention and how to connect sex workers with the organisations that drive social intervention”.
The move has angered campaign group the Sex Workers Education and Advocacy Taskforce (Sweat).
Sweat spokeswoman Vivienne Lalu said the industry would be driven further underground and deprive women of their human rights.
But as South Africa prepares for an influx of tourists – with around 25,000 expected from Britain – MPs and charities have repeatedly called for the country’s thousands of prostitutes to be brought under control. (Daily Telegraph)

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