Soccer City

Soccer City

– The Stadium’s design idea was conceived of a series of national icons; the large population of mines, the native tree (Kgotla), the African map, the national flower, etc. It has a pumpkin form and they call it Africas pot.
– The construction of the metalic structure has transformed and taken South African construction into a new era.
– It will have private suites, VIP Lounges, a football museum, and a 300 seat restaurant. It will also include a public parking lot for 15,000 vehicles and second one that is subterranean for 4,055 vehicles.
– The inauguration and final of the stadium will take place in Soccer City StaDium in Johannesburg, SA. The stadium was built in 1987 and also was the first place in which Nelson Mandela spoke in front of a live audience after gaining his freedom.
– The stadium has 65,000 cubic meters of concrete, 7,000 tons of supporting beams, 65,000 meters of metallic plates, 7,100 tons of iron, 80,000 square meters of masonry and 370,000 square meters of the fabric used for the roof.
_ Before the remodeling process began the stadium had a capacity for 78,000 spectators. Now that capacity has been elevated to 95,000. It is Africa’s largest stadium.
_ It has 120 Supporting columns for the Facade of the stadium.
– The exterior is covered in a mosaic of earth colors, simulating the image of a pumpkin. Underneath the structure there will be lights that will simulate the fire underneath the pot. The original idea was to cover the facade with aluminum, but It was then decided to have concrete panels and reinforced fiber glass.


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